Happy Thankgiving

went over to Dustin’s boyfriend’s mom’s house, she was really nice, she likes cats and has four, one of which is 20 years old! we had so much food that i am very sleepy now.

i was helping Ron with math i forgot everything that has to do with 因式分解 and some other stuff.  it is good to remember all the fun stuff to do with math.


i am quite upset at the fact that the caterers didn’t bring dinner, maybe they were not supposed to but, they still brought lunch. 

i am not complaining. everyone is gone from the house now and i get all their food. all by my self in this big house.

you should check your mailbox if you didn’t already, the estimated delivery was this afternoon.

i was waiting for the new episode of arrow, but i figured since its thx giving, they are taking a break 

I saw your picture with jina today on facebook, i have to say, you look really good. I think i will spend thx giving with dustin at his boyfriend’s mom’s place. ron got me a present today it is the killing joke, about how the joker got to the way he is. billy and mary took me to this new noodle place on the ave the night before my birthday and it was sooo good, and i have almost been there everyday since. i just wish you could taste it. i have many readings to do for thanks giving and lots of homework. i hope you have a good holiday.

went to dim sum yesterday with colleagues for lunch, got a birthday card and some starbucks brownies, they tasted horrible, had to rush back to work, long line at the restaurant. I dislike telling ppl it is my birthday because people start facebook messaging me and i think it would be polite to reply but it takes up so much time. me and a friend was talking about a possible show about the writing center, and I was thinking about maybe writing a script for it. but i need other tutors around me to generate good conversation. its a comedy obviously, maybe i will do some of it over the break. 

i submitted my work schedule for next quarter, will be working late because my classes all start at twelve thirty, I am taking two classes with anthony, since i need credits out side my major i will be taking psych, philosophy and geography. psych of sexuallity, contemporary moral problems the teacher of which is my collegue at the writing center, also geography of eating. 

we have a brother hood tonight, so probably a few beers and beerpong. 

I had to get in the right mood to write this post, it is a mood that I will try to recreate for you, but just putting it out there the mood is sad, but it is by no means unhealthy, therefore, don’t worry about me, I am fine.

went to work thinking that in tonight’s blog I should tell you that the fourth floor won’t be done in time, very symbolic if you think about it, I won’t explain as I trust you will be able to understand. I was also going to tell you that I could still ask if my roommate go home earlier and for the whole period, which is what I think he will be doing anyways. we would still have privacy.

I went to have food with friends after work and committee meeting, after that I bought my first pack of cigarettes, the dude was nice and didn’t ask for my ID, I was gonna go home but noticed I was at dustin’s apartment door, so I went up, we had a few drinks of whiskey and watched inception, we were really glad to see each other and had a good talk.

I didn’t know if I should believe you when you said you canceled, maybe because i wanted you to come so much, i should have known you were serious. cuz, who am i kidding, you are not like that at all, thinking you would do what i would do is pretty ridiculous. but i had to make sure. so i checked the airline, and i stared at the page, i guess you really did it.

It seems now that I have to make plans for thx giving now, haha. I think you should give me your address because I got a little something for you that I think you will really appreciate. so when you see this, and whenever you want, text me your new mailing address.

I am at a point where I feel so many things but can explain none. i think everything around me is so trivial but i know i am wrong.

time, I think has a crucial role to play here, so we shall see.

i am kind of bored with what I am doing at work, most sessions are not rewarding enough for me intellectually. I had one of my best sessions ever yesterday and i had the luxury of being philosophical and think alot. But i still love my job, there are lots of funny and smart people there that you could talk all day about things and never get bored. 

the people in my frat are less smart but with them its also a different kind of fun, 

did laundry today, I wasn’t going to but I am running out of underwear and socks. kind of embarrassing if you think about it. but, i really don’t think there is much to wash. 

also i never seem to have enough quarters, ever, or cash.