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I had to get in the right mood to write this post, it is a mood that I will try to recreate for you, but just putting it out there the mood is sad, but it is by no means unhealthy, therefore, don’t worry about me, I am fine.

went to work thinking that in tonight’s blog I should tell you that the fourth floor won’t be done in time, very symbolic if you think about it, I won’t explain as I trust you will be able to understand. I was also going to tell you that I could still ask if my roommate go home earlier and for the whole period, which is what I think he will be doing anyways. we would still have privacy.

I went to have food with friends after work and committee meeting, after that I bought my first pack of cigarettes, the dude was nice and didn’t ask for my ID, I was gonna go home but noticed I was at dustin’s apartment door, so I went up, we had a few drinks of whiskey and watched inception, we were really glad to see each other and had a good talk.

I didn’t know if I should believe you when you said you canceled, maybe because i wanted you to come so much, i should have known you were serious. cuz, who am i kidding, you are not like that at all, thinking you would do what i would do is pretty ridiculous. but i had to make sure. so i checked the airline, and i stared at the page, i guess you really did it.

It seems now that I have to make plans for thx giving now, haha. I think you should give me your address because I got a little something for you that I think you will really appreciate. so when you see this, and whenever you want, text me your new mailing address.

I am at a point where I feel so many things but can explain none. i think everything around me is so trivial but i know i am wrong.

time, I think has a crucial role to play here, so we shall see.


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