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I woke up at twelve, starving. Scott was going to get pho I wanted to go but i work at twelve forty five. I went anyways, wasn’t crowded, thank god. Got my food at twelve thirty, finished at thirty seven. felt pretty good. didn’t sleep well last night, had some weird dreams. 梦到高三分班,去学校不知道自己在几班,看到爸爸在教课,was debating whether to ask him about it or not when my english teacher came out 不知道你认不认识冯蕴佳,我高中英语老师,她告诉我我我被封到了四班,是生物班,我听到时候的反应是fuck my life,但是后来高一成也来了所以我就很开心,徐哲唐韬他们都在物理班。



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