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lalalalala, 我一不小心就把期中考试考得很好,我不是故意的。spent three hours at work talking to a college named bernard, he is from brazil and is into filming and making advertisements, he is also a big fan of movies, so we spent the whole time talking about favorite movies, He also gave me a quick lesson on how to normally tell if a movie is good or not. 

phantom menace, the first starwars prequal, was shit, because no central characters, messed up story that didn’t make sense and some other stuff. he made it sound legit. but ofcourse, not every movie had to be like that. his favourite director is woody allen. 

I was soo tired and didn’t sleep well last night, have to rise early tomorrow too. so might retire soon.

skyped with my mom for a bit, my grandma had a birthday, mom sent me a pic of the mood they ate, grandma looks older and i was sad for a bit.


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