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I woke up and was sitting at my desk and I smell this scent of mooncake, I don’t even know where it came from but it was so strong like I was eating one. So i got really nostalgic and was craving for a long time. I remember the first ever danhuang yuebing I had was from ganso, and it was sooooo good it i got allergic to it, my lips swelled up. haha. But it was the best mooncake I have ever had in my life. and then sadly they stopped making mooncakes like that. 

the house is getting more people now, lots of freshmen, playing and drinking with them makes me feel younger, i like them. genuinely nice guys. they have never been to which wich so I took three of our pledges to dinner. it was good food. 

One thing i really hate is that mcdonalds stops making fillet o fish at twelve, pisses me off, it is sooo good tho. i think half the reason why i am talking about food is that i haven’t talked about food in a long time.  I hope the food at the co op is good. are you getting better at cooking?


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