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At the dry cleaners I know not where, dragging on while voices pitched to zenith,

In haste with places to be, planned, I lash out, making it personal, as if

once the scenery changed it would be all right, but it really did.

Still i wait.

I don’t have the coupon, sending a picture of a coupon to you does not mean I am in possession of one.

Although I know why it is misconstrued.

you were going to find three other to make coupon valid, but nvm now, ur gonna cook

Might as well join you at this critical point. mental image of your cooking is not inviting,

but how would I know and why do I trust my inclination.

after all, I am in a dry cleaning shop somewhere remote to your location.

Suddenly, the shop is under your apartment

looks like I will have to let you know in a few seconds, instead of five minutes.


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