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我觉得音乐是一个很神奇的东西,比诗歌,文章要感人许多。今天去了那个international student advisor 的panel,和他们谈了一个多小时,他们都觉得我很搞笑,推荐我去做comedian。遇到了好多积极的成功international student。听了他们的schedule感觉没有时间睡觉了都。

bought anthony, out pledge a ariana grande shirt for his birthday. he was so excited and ecstatic, jumping up and down like a child. haven’t see someone so happy of late. kind of felt good and sad at the same time, you know why.

glad the week’s work is over, at least for a few days. Now, more studying, mid term is tomorrow.

我给所有人看了‘what am I’ 那个video,and I do mean everyone. It is so hilarious that everyone loved it, people are quoting the video everyday now.


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