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I see you haven’t read the previous post yet, so that means you will get two post whenever you read this one.

我越来越觉得好记心不如烂笔头有道理了,小时候觉得这个concept 很可笑但是现在想的东西多了记不住了,想事情时间长了脑子容易累,就得看个电影之类的,let it take control so you don’t have to direct your brains for a while.

I was eating a lollipop at work and the stick broke while I was trying to unwrap it,  I don’t know why but I thought immediately that it was bad luck, so I actually looked it up on the internet, luckily the internet doesn’t say anything about this.

‘he ran into my knife ten times’ haha I just thought of it, so ridiculous.




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