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dont know if you know ariana grande, but one of our pledge has a huge crush on her, and keeps making us listen to her songs, after a while, i gotta say, it is not bad, maybe because it is catchy. some of her songs are similar to Kpop, well, kpop as i know it. but check out some her songs if you feel like it anytime. I thinks she is ok, they don’t change her voice or anything, according to the pledge.

saw an awesome Boba fett ring on facebook today, really wanted it, took me a while to find the website that sells it. I would have bought it if it is somewhere near fifty dollars, but the cheapest make of sterling silver was 300 more dollars, the platinum make, the most expensive was 2250 dollars, that blew my mind, and i was depressed for a bit, cuz I can’t have it. but here it is.



my sketch yesterday was actually a chicken. the legs is a bridge, the head millennium falcon from star wars, tail is a tree on a tower, well you know what the body is. I think it is pretty interesting.


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