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don’t know where to start

I think this is a good place to start, especially when i don’t know where to start. I was at work, me and ron where talking about kids, i don’t know how the conversation got to that point, but he asked if I wanted kids, I said most possibly. he said it is nice to have someone who you want to have kids with. I said ‘yeah, it is….you can have someone too’. he said’ yeah, but i don’t have anyone now’. I thought for a bit and told him that we are on a break in a monotone emotionless voice.

he raised his eyebrows so much that i thought they are bout to come off. So I went on and told her about how I made this horrible mistake and how I was stupid in abandoning you. He was sympathetic with me because I obviously was not happy about it. But for the most part, he took your side, rather, he understood that I was the one who was wrong.

we also talked about what i could do to improve my current predicament. the conclusion is to practice to change. so starting from the little things. do the things i promised myself or others to do. in that way, I can eventually, hopefully apply that to everything.

今天在什么地方听了会lana del ray又想到了你,很伤心,但是我很喜欢这种伤心because it is hopeful. 我做饭的时候想到了我自己觉得过得挺快乐的暑假,不说那些不开心的事。想到给你做饭我们都很开心,体会到了小时候爷爷自己吃完饭喜欢坐着看我吃饭的心情。


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