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Bach & The Baroque

爸爸总是说我用眼太多了,看完电影想到了爸爸说的话,怎么办呢? 看看书吧。看了两章简爱觉得自己还是在用眼,怎么办呢. what does it mean to really rest one’s eyes? 打开了窗上的卷帘,窗外的世界阳光明媚,墨绿的松树,living quite well under the nourishing beams of the sun. what’s a decent rest without good music? 听听巴赫吧,一直很喜欢巴洛克,感觉很像不知道十几世纪的宫廷生活。

老爸总是会放古典音乐,每次听到古典就会想起家。巴赫响起,眼前浮现起了冬天在家吃午饭的情景,mom had to be home of course, or else life at home wouldn’t be complete. 妈妈会穿着羽绒服,爸爸里面穿着棕色的大毛衣,外面披着棉袄 。大家脚上穿着动物棉拖鞋。红红的,冻僵的手,捂着热腾腾的饭碗。dysfunctional fingers started to work, picking up the chopsticks, took a bite of the green. during the whole time, Bach was playing all the time in the background. It was cold, but it was great. A smile.


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