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Resistance, authentic learning and inauthentic learning

Normally when I think of resistance, it is associated with non-learning, or even unlearning.  However, today, a student brought to my attention the possibility of resistance leading to authentic learning, rather than it leading to the obvious inauthentic learning as well as the a fore mentioned concepts associated with not learning.

The student said that resistance on her part has led her to both authentic and inauthentic learning, the logic behind the former part eluded me at first. She was also talking about an example from her classmate about shoe laces. It sparked my own thoughts as I had a similar experience with resistance and learning to tie the shoe laces. I was threatened by my kindergarten teacher that if I didn’t go home and learn to tie my shoe lace I would be sent home from school the other day. This made me extremely averse to learning to tie my shoe laces. However, I had to do it. I am not sure whether it was fear of getting sent home or whether it was easy to tie shoe laces, but I learned to do it in no time. So does fear act as a catalyst to learning, or are we a species designed to master different arts? In my mind there is little doubt over the latter. It is quite possible that as a kid I had not yet developed the meta-cognition that unlearning is an option.  Of course there are things that one learn easily and things that can’t be mastered. Whole thing is a mystery though.



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