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What drooling can do for you

There was once a young man who drools in his sleep, but he would never remember drooling. As a matter of fact, this young man lives alone, he hoped that sleeping could potentially fill the void and ameliorate his lonely situation.  As we all know, sleeping does not fill anything except inexplicably present him with the illusion of filling the void.

One thing that is substantial that happens during the young man’s sleep is his drooling.  Since he lives alone, he is never aware of that situation, and as he is a deep sleeper, the moisture from the drool would have already evaporated and dried off.

One night, however, he was having such a make-believe void filling dream which left him in awe. As a consequence, his mouth was wide open. He started drooling, and drooling, kept drooling, he drooled so much. The drool quickly soaked everything in his room, in his house, and eventually it formed a river can carried him away. In the mean time, he was dreaming of the most satisfying void-filing dream ever.

The drool-river carried him out of his house, away from his town. It carried him far away, into a desert town. Now, this desert town has suffered from severe drought since as long as any elder in the town can remember. The sudden, torrential arrival of the drool river despite being a bit sluggish in nature, was still much welcomed by the towns people. The young man was carried by a river, into the dried up canal. From far away, no one can tell that he is actually asleep. They thought that he was in control, that he was the bringer of water, well drool in this case. When the towns people got close the young man had already been washed onto the banks of the canal. People attributed his being asleep to him spending too much mana and energy in his effort to bring the water.

Everyone but the young man was unaware that he is unaware of how he brought about the river.  The next day when the young man woke up, he was brought to the elder’s hut where he was told that he had been left in charge of the town’s agriculture, supply of drinking water and everything that has to do with water. He was also told that he would be beheaded if he failed to live up to people’s expectations.

He felt really hopeless. The void came back.


The End.


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