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Lessons Learned

The one with the rabbit,

guess it broke bit by bit.

young and selfish

playing delicate balance between life and death.

unwittingly placed in a pair of unsteady hands.


The sound of ruffling card-board-boxes,

of late-night burglars.

smothered himself with fear, under the cover, thinking

rush out and kill them, kill them intruders!


the rabbit it was, all along

red, unwashed eyes of a devil dressed in pearly white



hateful heart,

question clouded mind

why couldn’t you just settle in,

why couldn’t you be mine.


Furiously glaring back,

could not let it run free,

so he shook and rattled the cage violently,

like it was better, justified.

scrambling with tight terrified claws,

both rabid.


it ate too much, how dare it die?

he did not give permission yet

mom bought it, mom buried it,

did she use her bare hands?

was the furry body cold, or was it still lukewarm?

tears, like regret, are too late now

lessons learned.


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