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我觉得你说的很对,我十分赞同你的观点,特别是关于创新和做领导的部分,我觉得我就不是很合适做领导,我觉得我是一个很好的second in command, but I can also step up if need be. 我觉得把一门学问研究的很透彻就很厉害了。I felt really sad when I read your blog, I feel like most times when you hangout with either 常帅或你别的朋友就会想到别的东西然后就会不开心。I feel like you are such a unique person that this world is not really for you. There is too much selfish and stupid shit going around, and you are just too pure and beautiful for it.


今天和一起工作的朋友们去了china town,有另外三个中国人和一个外国人。 去了一个叫翠园的地方,有海鲜,有点心。今天阳光明媚,我十点就起来了。第一次和他们一起去吃,哎,还是要中国人带着才知道什么好,以后你来我们可以一直去吃。价钱还可以。我们五个人一人付了十美元。

Are you ready? I am going to give you a delicious list of delicacies. Ready?

我们吃了鲜虾肠粉,很大很透明的虾饺,凤爪很嫩,叉烧包不错,荷叶鸡饭我没吃,别人点了,豉汁排骨比较鲜但是没有香港的鲜菇滑鸡饭好。我们还吃了牛百叶,做的一般,没什么味道。他们的烧卖很奇怪,长得一点都不像一般的,里面有蟹粉,肉和香菇,至少我觉得是香菇,他们菜单上是一种很牛逼我从来没听过的菇。最好吃的是鲜虾韭菜饼,太好吃了。还有奶黄包河流沙包。有很大不同诶。The English for those two are respectively steamed custard bun and steamed creamy custard bun. 国内的奶黄包的内陷是in a state of paste, 但是他们这里的是liquid, 像汤包。里买那个还真的有蛋黄。流沙比较甜,奶黄更咸一点。


I just did some writing for class, Tom J is back from Korea and we , my little and Dustin are all drinking a little at his place tonight. Tom is on his way here as I am writing, we are getting dinner with Prescott, we became really good friends over winter break.

I will try to find a time to call you my love.


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