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Guess What?

I actually had to look up “salient”… Of course I would want to read it. What are you talking about!? I want to read

every single freakin’ word you ever write.

Your writings keep surprising me, just like you do. Some sentence still seem a little rigid though. Such as one of your first sentences. You had two “of”‘s almost in a row. Not good. Makes the reader feel like you are trying to throw around different sentence structures without actually considering the necessity of them. Makes your sentences too long.

The song is good. But I still can’t help hating his voice. Maybe it’s the way he sings, I don’t really feel his emotions. I feel like he does the same type of singing all the other rock singers do. I’m starting to punctuate this like a Chinese writing.

前天和常帅吃晚饭坐地铁的时候到了安检口,我基本上是一直安检。期中原因是因为常帅去年,还是前年写了一篇文章是关于大家都不安检包,希望大家遵守制度。Anyways, 我当时挺赞同她的,所以一直都安检。而且觉得那些工作人员又可怜又无奈。(不过去了一次南京,发现那边的人都特别遵守这个规则,高峰期都每个人安检。)然后前天我和常帅到了的时候我安检了她却就这么走过去了。然后转过来看了我一眼说,“乖宝宝。我以前也一直都安检的,可是后来发现那个东西很脏…” 我当时的感觉就是,时过境迁。

在这之前我们吃饭的时候她问我,有什么东西还没人做,我问她是什么意思,她说,”就是entrepreneur啊。”我想了想说,解决地铁安检的问题。其实后来又想了一下,我觉得为什么大家总是满脑子想着创新创新。做别人没做过的东西。可是有很多已经被做出来的东西是很有问题的。为什么没有人愿意去研究已经被做出来的东西的问题,而要去想怎么能找到别人从来没碰过的问题…就好比leadership, 为什么每个人都要做leader,殊不知全是leader没有follower能做成什么事?但没有人愿意说自己要做一个好的follower. 哪怕是做一个follow自己teammate意见的leader…

后来我们又谈到关于facebook and other social media的问题。常帅好像觉得我们应该做些什么,比如呼吁大家不要沉迷social media. She seems to believe firmly that something needs to be done about it. I wasn’t sure what I felt on this issue at first, but now I know that I don’t really want to help those people who are so stuck with facebook. First of all, I don’t think they can be helped or need helping. The parents are the people who need to be helped.  They need to know how to teach their children. Second of all, I really don’t sympathize with these people. Most of them have a choice. And they CHOOSE to waste all their time on facebook when they know they are not happy with it. I think they are so much luckier than people who don’t have a choice. Why should we waste our time helping them? Those who are smart enough know better to quit facebook once they stop getting fulfillment from it.

Anyways, those are some of the details of what I thought on our conversations. Sometimes its a little frustrating because it’s very hard to get it through to her. Or maybe everyone tends to assume they know what the other person is going to say before that person actually says it. So they end up answering to what they thought that person was going to say instead of what that person actually said.

I looked up more themes and decided to keep this one because I still like it best. I will start another blog too. A bit said when you didn’t call me tonight. I will be home till 1:30 tomorrow so call/skype me before that if you can?

Love you


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