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Membership Review

不敢相信你居然说我不感兴趣,我怎么会只是略扫一眼呢,我和你一样也是希望你多写一点,但是我想写得selective一点,I want this to be special. I want to name the posts on my dreams after Chaucer’s work, Dream Visions.

The review和我想象的有点不同,他们更加在乎从你那里获得别人的劣行,就问你这个人怎么怎么样,有没有dirt on this other guy. 我觉得对于一些人来说他们已经很清楚whether you are a  good member or not, while for others they have to make sure you have things to contribute. I still think the system does not work. 大学生一点也不成熟。

If we pass this test then we would be put on trusteeship, so we would have an alumni looking over our functioning, and guide us, until they feel we can handle ourselves. 这个interview我们的人a few years back ran the trusteeship for Kappa Sigma at Stanford University. 

我觉得这个学期我可以一周工作四天这样可以有$120, hope the wedding went well. We should skype or I will call you about all the juicy details. I dressed well and professionally today. Should have taken a picture for you.  


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