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People that take care of others

Me and Billy went shopping for food this morning. My parents’ credit card is already in the deficit so they counseled me to not use that card. Therefore I have to buy food and make them instead of eating out and ordering delivery. I thought Billy is out of food too, which is why he would come along. He gave me a shopping bag, and I asked him if one bag would be enough and he said that he is not buying anything. He gave me a can of soup two nights ago, and it made me much better. He also offered to go out and buy food for me, knowing that I was sick. I felt that he is really looking out for me.

He told me what kind of bread to buy, what kind of orange juice to make my sickness go away. I bought a few microwaveable lunch, which is Alfredo Fettuccine with chicken and broccoli, bought bread with roast beef and pastrami. He offered to carry my stuff too.

There are two kinds of people in this world, one is those who take care of themselves, the other is the kind that takes care of others. You and Billy are both the second type. As for me, I am both, depending the circumstance


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