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Morning Reflections

Woke up at eight thirty three this morning when my alarm was set at eleven, kind of proud of myself. Could not fall back to slumber so I started listening to my Swag playlist. Got a knock on my door at nine, the intruder without opened the door and it turned out to be a fully dressed Sam Michel, hooded and sinister in the shadows of a rainy Seattle morning. As I recall I locked my door before going to bed because I know he was going to drink. I also went to bed with the content thought of : No drunk Sam Michel tonight. Little did I know, he would get me in the morning when I wanted some peace and quiet.

He finally got off my couch and out of my room at ten, thank God for that. I wanted to see if I could start on that Stanford application before I shave and shower. Will be wearing your present today. Super excited.

Poured myself a glass of milk and opened up a packet of my roommate’s crackers. It suddenly occurred to me that writing on here would be more fun than starting on the application. Therefore, here I am. I almost did write a blog about what happened last night but did not want to go to bed any latter than I did.

My room is now split between the classic and the mundane. In front of me is the transparent glass and milk it is holding. On a plate to my right is a plate of crackers. Under that is the receipt from Club Monaco that looks like a mini-newspaper, or a contract of some form. There is also my better clothes. All of the above makes me look like a professional writer in a more ancient time.

Then there are the more common items. A pizza box. Open Soda cans. Video games and shot glasses. Shame on me indeed. The difference in length devoted to each side should give you clue enough as to which side I am partial to.

Oh well, have to try to get work done now. Back to the real world, hehe.

Here is a good Zerg vs Protoss match, best of three. Really good players, what makes them better is how intense it is. Watch is if you have time:


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