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Sleep Apnea

Went to bed early last night, did not fall asleep until three in the morning, the room was more than warm with the heater on. Tossing and turning I was thinking of the things to think about. Woke up too soon to my own liking in what seemed like wee hours of the morning. Checked my itouch and it was nine, got six hours of sleep, figure it was more or less enough, however too long till I can call you at six in the evening.

I finished Hope Springs over a bowl of cereal and a packet of Ritz biscuits. It was an amazing experience, wish I watched it with you. I liked the way Arnold used the controller to play the music at the Inn, the flick of the wrist was hilarious. So many things that reminded me of us, and then some. Somehow they found a way to be lost in each other, and I found a way to be lost in you.

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