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Back to the Second Start

So glad to be back to 奥园 hehehe.It’s a such a great feeling to have nothing to do. I can just rest all I want. I woke up at seven thirty today. Ate some Lebkuchen with milk, and played piano for two hours. I was so glad to find out that my dexterity hasn’t decreased a lot. The only set back of the day was my course grades, which were far beyond horrendous. Getting a B- is almost like having to eat shit. Well, I guess I’ll just take it as an once-in-a-life-time experience. 本来想要传张照片簸弄睽睽 但是我的电脑蓝牙坏了,没法从手机上穿上来。。。唉。 这两天鼻涕又开始了然后喘得也还行。等下要去上一节tango lesson.我好梦想和你一起跳tango啊。啊。啊。啊。

有点想念万科,my first start.

Last of all. I miss you. like a thousand winds murmuring, across the tip of your hair.



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